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"As I rounded the corner, the blue light was on over the room that I left my wife in."

"Then it happened again!"

A Pastor's heart-wrenching true story of how his lovely wife, Karen, died twice and how God brought her back to him!

It's a Miracle that I'm alive!!!  

People are raving about the newly released book:   Code Blue X2!

  • "A Must Read" 
  • Great Read for Couples and Singles"
  • "I'm encouraged and looking for my miracle!!"
  •  "I prayed, cried, and rejoiced".   Dr. A. Hill
  • The author was very descriptive in his writings, drew you right into the story!  

Professor E. Yancey

"The Author in his writing,  

paints such a vivid picture... 

that you will literally feel

as though you were there!"   

Need a Miracle?    

Allow this book to be a

faith-builder for you!    


Let Pastor & Lady Pleasant encourage  and inspire you through their

  personal journey -

"Code Blue X2  and Code Blue X2- The Recovery"!

Miracles Happen..... Code Blue X2 Miracles...... Code Blue X2 Inspirational Material




Pastor and Lady Pleasant 

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